News presentation Bangladeshi style and Barack Obama

So many channels, it’s tough to stick to one. MY PROBLEM. I was watching news at evening. Just when I switched to Channel 1, I saw still clips of Britney Spears for like five seconds. To my amazement, the news presenter said “Barack Obama”………and that was it; he went on with the next news.

It took me 15 seconds to think of a possible connection between Barack Obama and Britney Spears. MY EMPTY BRAIN. Bill Clinton alike controversy! Oh God! MY PROBLEM. I tried to figure out the drama at BBC and CNN, no luck. MY BAD LUCK. Searched Google and Yahoo and WA LA – got it! In 2008, people searched Britney Spears more than Obama at Yahoo. BRITNEY’S GOOD LUCK.

Why the channel did not show Obama’s pics when saying his name! THEIR PROBLEM. Lack of professionalism I assume. THEIR BAD LUCK. Just when I am writing this post, RTV is giving the nation a breaking news : Senator McCain arrived in Dhaka. Why is this a breaking news? OUR BAD LUCK.

When will they ever learn? NEVER.


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