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Armed men entered Dhaka Stock Exchange building

Thought-it-would-be news story.....

Three armed men entered Dhaka Stock Exchange building’s conference room and asked people sitting there to give them all the cash that is there in the building. All top manipulators ( in businessmen disguise ) were present in the meeting. With disbelieve and amazement they said to the armed men "এইটা কোন ব্যাংক না যে আপনারা মানুষের কোটি কোটি টাকা লুট করতে পারবেন।" One of the armed men asked with a smile “তাহলে আপনারা এইখানে কি করেন?”

Pislas have become more pisla

In June 1974, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto did not wish to visit the national martyrs' memorial but did so when the Bangladesh government made it clear that it was a procedure followed by all heads of state visiting Bangladesh. At the memorial, when the visitors' book was presented to him, he refused to write anything. He pushed it away, muttering: "Enough of this nonsense." His daughter Benazir Bhutto held the same view but was more diplomatic on her approach.

Jamaat-e-Pislami are Pakistani sperms roaming in Bangladesh. Pislas have become more pisla...

Killing of four leaders in 3 November 1975 - I wish it never happened

November 3, 1975 - the day is a black spot of the country's history, as four Liberation War heroes and top leaders - Syed Nazrul Islam, acting president of Bangladesh government in exile in 1971, Tajuddin Ahmed, prime minister of the same government, M Mansur Ali, finance minister, and AHM Qamaruzzaman, minister for home affairs, relief and rehabilitation were killed inside the Dhaka central jail by the Army.

The events in the first week of November 1975 remain somewhat a mystery. Bangladeshi newspapers at that time were unable to report what was really happening. As a result of power struggle within the Army, on 3 November Brigadier Khaled Mossarraf successfully elbowed out President Mushtaq Ahmed and became new Chief Martial Law Administrator (CMLA). Chief of Army Staff General Zia was removed from the post and Justice Abu Sadat Mohammed Sayem was appointed as the new President. The majors and coronals who ruled the country since 15 August were also shown the door - they were a…