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অন্ধ লোকের দুধ খাওয়া আর ধর্ম-ক্যরামতি-কামেলগনের ইসলাম শিক্ষাদান

Is not Islamic State benefiting Islam?

If the Islamic State militants are so bad than why thousands and thousands of young and mid-age people from the Middle East are joining them? If their ideology is so dire than why people from Australia, Europe, and Asia are heading towards Syria and Iraq to join the fight against government forces? If motive of Islamic State militants are so bad than why there are millions and millions of views on their YouTube releases? If the Islamic State militants are doing terrible things then why many young girls and mature women from the western world want to merry them? If it has no potential as a force than why wealthy donors from across the globe are giving it millions of dollars?

Answer to these questions in a plain sentence is – because the fake image that Islamic State militant have managed to highlight is quite fascinating and much appealing. Answer in an intricate way would be – because Islamic State militants are using religion to their defense in the most wicked and crude way. The fac…

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