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Biggest challenge of modern economics

Biggest challenge of modern economics is to figure out the perfect way to 'control' the 'free-market' economy. Contradiction is clear - why should a variable that requires to be 'free' needs to be 'controlled'?

When profit motive surpluses ethical sense of the entrepreneurs, free-market concept is sure to fail.

Illusion of Economics

One of the greatest illusion of Economics is that more money a person pays for a product that she/he desires, more satisfaction the person gets.

What if the money were actually spent on infrastructure


Freedom, you and myself


ভাসমান ঢাকা কেন্দ্রীয় কারাগার

I never realized that ঢাকা কেন্দ্রীয় কারাগার is actually a Mitsubishi micro-bus! No wonder there is always this complain by jail authorities on lack of space in the jail.

Banglalion WiMAX now offers wifi in vehicles

Thanks to Banglalion WiMAX, I have wifi in my car. This package is for only innovative users.

I know I know I am a genius!

Thinning hair equalls to hole in the head

Who is responsible for taking care of the earth?

Business fundamentals and economics are associated with each other and are often difficult to split, regardless of which ‘set of mind’ attempts to do so. Often, the green message gets lost in the smog of class discrimination. A lower-working class is raised and taught about their lack of hope or be proud of who and what they are, are actually both examples of bad parenting. It is a negative quality to have pride in being uneducated, living in poverty and being ignored by the economic trend.

People should always have pride in their potential and capacity. The thirst of knowledge for a child from the lower class community would be abundant if a particular message was sent to them. Unfortunately this is not the scenario; they do not have the willingness to know about the world.

Carrying out a psychological assessment to understand the impact of campaigns would be really beneficial. A figurative bitter citizen hates his or her daily routine by default, which also includes poor working co…