Revolt at BDR Headquarters

Soldiers of the BDR Headquarters in Dhaka staged a revolt against their top officers including the DG. Rumors are all around. Some say, the DG is dead. Others include - soldiers want pay raise; they want full scale war against Indian BSF etc.

But here is the rumor that beats all by a long margin - JMB naki actually BDR HQ attack korse. Next target High Court. Ora naki BDR DG ke convince korse to join them!


আপনি এই নিউজ কোথা থেকে পাইলেন?

একটু ভেংগে বলেন।
Aftab Ahmad said…
Bangladesh is always unrest, you may be right this is a very good opportunity for army to upsurp power. I am very much afraid Bangladesh is now near a military coup.

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