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It was a fake promise

A zoology student named Alexander Ulyanov hated his ruler Tsar Alexander III and like other haters, tried to change the society by killing the Tsar. It was 1887. He was naive so he failed. The police arrested him and his companions. He was, as anticipated, hanged to death. The man's younger brother Ilyich Ulyanov became a revolutionary in later years and intrigued the middle class to revolt against the Tsar in times when the world was at World War I. He showed dreams of a country that is meant for common people and took chances of the leadership vacuum in the country. He successfully led a bloody civil war and became the common men’s ruler in November 1917. In other words, he established first ever communist regime of the world in disguises of dictatorship. He took power claiming to be carrying the ‘will of the people’, whatever that means. People of his land paid heavily in following years due to his false hopes of shitty communism and bloody way to running the country. He reveng…