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8 March: My best-friend’s birthday

Nochiketa, the famous singer from Kolkata, had an impact on many of us during youth. It was 1993/94; we were growing up with much happenings in socio-political scenario; music of Nochiketa being one of the elements.

I attracted and distracted many during my youth; my attitude was unconventional, rude and uncouth. Many people found me out of the ordinary, many found me impolite & loutish. My best-friend was in the first group. We were high school mates; shared same interest in literature, sports and music. We however differed on wishing each others on occasions. Wishing on birthdays is not my type of thing so I never wishes my best-friend on his birthdays. But now, I do want to wish and greet him, but can’t; the distance between us is impossible to climb.

In 1993, my best friend gave me a surprise visit on my birthday; presented me a mixed audio cassette and books. I was touched as I did not expect it nor I will do anything similar. My attitude did not stop him from …