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Chicken quotes from important people around

Caretaker Chief Fakruddin Ahmed: General election for all the chickens will be held on 18 December.

Siddika Kabir: To run away! I was planning to roast it for the NTV viewers.

Khaleda Zia: I had two chicken princes. One left the stage after looting half of the country. Another one will loot the rest after December 18.

Sheik Hasina: I do politics only for the chickens, not for the birds. I am prepared to die if I have to fight for the rights of the chickens.

Husain Md. Ershad: I am capable of producing no chicken!

Khondokar Delwar: I told the chicken not to cross the road. What the heck, give me a bottle of wine and a glass of deshi mod before you ask me the next question.

Army Chief: Beshi kore alu khan ar chicken ke marben na, Tara o prani.

Bangladesh Police Detective Branch: Give us ten minutes with the chicken and we'll find out.

RAB: His gang members started firing at us so we had no choice other then shooting it down. Oh, what did you ask? We thought you asked “why did the chicken di…

Why did the chickens ( read cricketers) cross the road and joined ICL?

Congratulations to the players who joined ICL. For their timely actions, first time in the history of the game, ‘Bangladesh’ managed to be in Cricinfo’s top headlines for three consecutive days. Cricinfo does not even cover Bangladesh’s matches in its headlines, unless they win against big teams. So three consecutive days is a big deal. Thanks guys, you made us proud.
The fuzz started three days back and for obvious reasons, it is emerging as the biggest shock in Bangladeshi cricket history. Several top Bangladeshi cricketers including valuable Aftab Ahmed and Shariar Nafiz have joined ICL, which is yet to be recognized by any of the cricket boards around the world. This means, these players will not participate in any matches under Bangladesh national team in future. Is this information too hard to digest? Should not be.

First thing first, no one plays cricket just for pleasure; money is important, just like in any other professions. And just like any other professions, switching is a…

Reasoning the Chicken’s motives on crossing the road

‘Economics’ based answer of the much apprehended question “Why did the Chicken cross the road?”

Demand for eggs was higher on the other side of the road and the chicken figured that supply was not meeting market needs. Moreover, the chicken wanted a dominant market position at the other end as well. It wanted to create and develop the competencies required for the newly competitive market which forced it to explore other side of the market.

With an anti-risk averse mentality, the chicken wanted to break the duck’s monopoly at the other side of the road. The chicken knew, if it would set up a manufacturing unit at that side, it can grab the market with its highly specialized work force and competitive advantages on ‘economics of scale’. Furthermore, government regulations were favorable including holiday taxing at the other side of the road.