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Revolt at BDR HQ

The url of this blog is Bangladesh kothai jai. I had no idea of where actually Bangladesh was heading, when I initiated this blog. After 29 December election, I was hopeful of writing some positive things if not many. After what happened today ar BDR HQ, I am back to square 1.

I have heard such stories in last few hours, that can be only compared to incidents f '75 and '81. I never thought that a coup is possible in the era of "Kache thakun shob shomoy" and "Digital Bangladesh".

I hope what I heard are false.

Revolt at BDR Headquarters

Soldiers of the BDR Headquarters in Dhaka staged a revolt against their top officers including the DG. Rumors are all around. Some say, the DG is dead. Others include - soldiers want pay raise; they want full scale war against Indian BSF etc.

But here is the rumor that beats all by a long margin - JMB naki actually BDR HQ attack korse. Next target High Court. Ora naki BDR DG ke convince korse to join them!