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Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed is to blame

So the Police Sergent stops me in Mohammadpur and asks "How is it even possible to drive that much reckless and on that high-speed; that to in such jam packed city?" I say in confidence "I am on a hurry officer and I have years of trainings and practice behind me". He asked in amazement "Where did you practice such driving?!!" I said "GTA and NFS".

Was it delibarate?

Investigating officers are to blame for weak investigation and lack of adequate evidence; tribunal lawyers are to blame for weak prosecution. Who appointed these officers and lawyers?

Was the appointment deliberate? Was the weak prosecution deliberate?

BNP is the protector of war criminals, AL does not fall too behind. BNP did it to survive; Al does it to be in power - apparently no difference between 'jonok' r 'ghoshok' r parties.

Promotion of Interfaith Harmony

The world has a massive population of seven billion consisting different gender, race, caste, sexual orientation and faith. It’s a colorful world with different cultures, language and lifestyle. Our lives are so co-dependent on each other that it has become absolutely necessary for us to be tolerant about other cultures and faith. Tolerance is the key for a peaceful world which automatically will turn it into a happy planet. Because at the end every faith offers the same thing: be respectful to others.

Look at the Buddhists in Myanmar- they have been taught the non-violent lifestyle of Buddha but they still mass murdered Muslims in the Rakhaine state. In 1971, the Muslim soldiers of Pakistan killed 3 million Bangalies indiscriminately. Sam Bacile deviated from the true lessons of Judaism and humiliated Prophet Muhammad (SM). A so called “true-follower” of Christianity Breivik killed 77 people in Norway because of his anger against Islam.

Islam is the religion of peace; it teaches its f…

Safety of Bangladeshi women working abroad

National heroes – do we know them? Essentially in this era of fast moving, the people, who leave everything behind, go to a foreign land and work there to boost up the remittance of our country, are no less then national heroes.  In 2012, there was a record in the amount of remittance sent to Bangladesh. It was over 14 billion US Dollars. The figure is 10 percent higher than that of 2011.

This huge an amount of remittance eased the pressure on the economy at an international level which also accounted for more than 10% of 2012 fiscal’s GDP. This sudden raise of incoming remittance was possible mainly due to suddenly increased availability of jobs around the world, especially in the Middle East. According to the government data, more than 8 million Bangadeshis work abroad; and more are to be recruited soon. Around 100000 more workers are expected to go to Hong Kong for work. These new workers are to be trained and taken full responsibility by the government. However the mistakes made d…