Adolf Hitler's death

....While Adolf Hitler was celebrating his last birthday on 20 April 1945 inside the bunker under the Reich Chancellery, the Russian military led by Marshall Zhukov closed in at the edge of Berlin. They encountered resistance from the last remaining German defenders who were a group of old men, some Hitler loyal youth and wounded policemen. The Russian armies easily swept past them.

On 23 April, Hitler realized the end is nearer when his most trusted accompanies Göring and Himmler left him. Escaping from the bunker and running towards his hideaway in the Alps was an option but Hitler did not want to risk of being caught. By 27 April, the Russians completely surrounded Berlin. Hitler did not want to escape; he did not want to be caught. So one option was left – to commit suicide.

Hitler asked his personal physician, Dr. Werner Haase, on 29 April to test the cyanide capsules he had with him. Ironically test subject was Hitler’s beloved Alsatian dog, Blondi. Blondi was killed along with her five puppies at the Reich Chancellery garden. The cyanide test was declared successful.

Hitler ordered his personal adjunct, Otto Gunsche, on 30 April that his body along with his newlywed wife Eva Braun, should be burnt after they commit suicide. Hitler did not want to face the humiliation Mussolini faced a little earlier. Mussolini was caught in Italy and his body was hung upside down in a square in Milan.

Soon after giving instructions of what to do with his dead body, Hitler and Eva Braun entered their room. It was 3:30 P.M. One shot was heard by Hitler's remaining loyal people who were sitting outside the room. They entered the room. They saw that the couple had died swallowing cyanide while sitting together on a couch. As an added measure, Hitler also shot himself in the head with his personal pistol.

Hitler's personal adjunct Otto Gunsche and Artur Axmann wrapped the two bodies in a blanket and carried it to the Reich Chancellery garden. The bodies were then drenched in petrol and set afire. There burnt body of a furious dictator who thought the Third Reich would reign for 1,000 years but it lasted only 12.

Hitler’s death was publicly announced on 1 May. Russian military, otherwise known as the Red Army, reached the bunker on 2 May. They wanted Hitler dead or alive because they knew Stalin is eagerly waiting in Moscow. They searched the whole bunker, nothing was found. On 4 May, a Russian soldier saw a tiny portion of a grey blanket at the bottom of a shell crater at the Reich Chancellery garden. He reported to his authority. The crater was dug and bodies of Hitler and his wife was found along with bodies of the dictator’s beloved dog Blondi. Thorough dental checks confirmed it was the body of Hitler.

With precise cautiousness and secrecy, Hitler and Eva Braun's dead bodies were taken to Moscow and latter buried beneath an army parade ground in Magdeburg. In 1970, Russian government photographed the remains before burning them again. Then they were dumped into a river. The water of the river was kind enough to take the ashes of the dictator who never gave a damn to tear drops of millions of people he tortured and killed. 


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