Promotion of Interfaith Harmony

The world has a massive population of seven billion consisting different gender, race, caste, sexual orientation and faith. It’s a colorful world with different cultures, language and lifestyle. Our lives are so co-dependent on each other that it has become absolutely necessary for us to be tolerant about other cultures and faith. Tolerance is the key for a peaceful world which automatically will turn it into a happy planet. Because at the end every faith offers the same thing: be respectful to others.

Look at the Buddhists in Myanmar- they have been taught the non-violent lifestyle of Buddha but they still mass murdered Muslims in the Rakhaine state. In 1971, the Muslim soldiers of Pakistan killed 3 million Bangalies indiscriminately. Sam Bacile deviated from the true lessons of Judaism and humiliated Prophet Muhammad (SM). A so called “true-follower” of Christianity Breivik killed 77 people in Norway because of his anger against Islam.

Islam is the religion of peace; it teaches its followers to be respectful to everyone. The Bible and Torah have validated Islam and prophet Muhammad (SM). Islam has validated Jesus (AM), Moses (AM) and the other prophets and their teachings. But one thing should be kept in mind that religion is a very sentimental issue to a lot of people. They give all their love and faith to their creator and his prophets. So people should not abuse ‘freedom of speech’ and hate on religion because it hurts a lot of people. Over the course of time people have deviated from the true lessons of religion. It is high time we should get back to what it actually intends. We should be respectful to people regardless of their faith or ideology. A true believer never physically or verbally hurts anyone else. When someone does something that hurts another race or faith or even gender, others should stand up against it and protest it. That way we can build a happy and peaceful world.


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