Safety of Bangladeshi women working abroad

National heroes – do we know them? Essentially in this era of fast moving, the people, who leave everything behind, go to a foreign land and work there to boost up the remittance of our country, are no less then national heroes.  In 2012, there was a record in the amount of remittance sent to Bangladesh. It was over 14 billion US Dollars. The figure is 10 percent higher than that of 2011.

This huge an amount of remittance eased the pressure on the economy at an international level which also accounted for more than 10% of 2012 fiscal’s GDP. This sudden raise of incoming remittance was possible mainly due to suddenly increased availability of jobs around the world, especially in the Middle East. According to the government data, more than 8 million Bangadeshis work abroad; and more are to be recruited soon. Around 100000 more workers are expected to go to Hong Kong for work. These new workers are to be trained and taken full responsibility by the government. However the mistakes made during the govt. to govt. contract during the Malaysia deal will not be made this time, there are private agencies who will be assigned and the working process will be devolved, in order to make the process easier and faster.

This new registration process has ensured safety issues for women workers. Women’s right and human rights organizations expressed satisfaction over the procedures. The government has assured that, with ill history in this issue, all the necessary precautions will be taken to avoid such mishaps. These precautions include strict agreements being signed by the governments. The extremity of worker abuse and mishaps in KSA, Lebanon and Jordan still however raise doubts in human rights and women’s right organizations. Hopefully the government will take care of it in due time.

Even though the government has assured safety precautions to be taken, they too are concerned about the alarming abuse of women workers and that lead to the ‘Expatriate Welfare Ministry’ to review the current state of Bangladeshi workers staying abroad. The necessary steps taken include assurance of the welfare of the women living and working abroad. since there will be no one to look after them; Hence empowering them is one of the major steps that must be taken, so that they can say and stand for themselves. Once this is ensured, number of attack and assault against women will reduce.


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