Does Bangladesh have any incentives for investors?

In recent times, Bangladesh has become an important part of the economy of the Asian countries, particularly South East Asia and South Asian markets. It has been proven that the financial background of Bangladesh is rather strong.

Bangladesh is a fast growing, developing democratic country. It has positioned itself on the model of Westminster. The country is a power in a constantly capricious and equally intimidating situation. Today, the economy of the country is well developed, steady and easily controlled. This shows that Bangladesh has achieved great expansion over foreign products and enlarged fund transfer rate. Besides, the country is growing moderately in trade and fund supply.

The country has made excellent work in the economic and confidential sector. It has become an export oriented nation in the early 1980s. The country is steadily altering into the Construction Sector, Industrialization, and is looking for quick development in the field of service.  She shows kindness and is always helpful towards Direct Foreign Investment (DFI). Besides, Bangladesh is always in search for considerable cooperative ventures and endeavors. She has already made its stand in the communication and transportation sectors.

Bangladesh has become a perfect choice of potential investors because of the facilities provided. The country has always proved itself successful in its debt-service legal responsibilities to both types of donors - multilateral and bilateral. She has an excellent escalation in the agriculture Sector. She is famous for the production of potatoes, rice and wheat.

The development pyramid of Bangladesh has always remained upward. The country has succeeded in the export of various products, including ready-made garments, shoes, foods, vegetables, manures and leather products. Bangladesh has always remained safe from natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Bangladesh is the top exporter of readymade garments to USA, Europe and other Asian countries. Local companies as well as foreign investors have put in a lot of money into this sector. There are no obstacles or difficulties in investing in this country. The Government has diminished all the fences to savings and trades. Investment on any item is allowed in Bangladesh, excepting only a few. There are few reserved items on which investment is banned, such as equipment used for defense purpose, arms and ammunition, plantation in forests, nuclear energy production and currency notes.

Attractive packages are provided in investments. There is no need to worry while investing in this country as the FDI related issues are low compared to other countries. Various costs that are related to production are comparatively lower in Bangladesh. It is very easy to live in this country because the cost of living is very low. It is easy to communicate because people in this country can speak and understand English. Any organization can apply for loan in the Central Bank of Bangladesh.

Local entrepreneurs including Salman F Rahman of Beximco Group, Abdul Matlub Ahmad of Nitol-Niloy Group, Chowdhury brothers of Square Group have done well in the past decades and give a thrust to the business sector of the country. In the precess, they have encouraged foreign companies to invest in the country.


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