Order for removal of all commercial set-ups in Dhanmondi

For the preservation of the residential area’s environment and its title, the High Court declared the presence of all commercial operations illegal. The decision was made on an injunction ordering the govt. authorities to issue legal notices and setting a time limit for the owners of the institutions for the removal of the places. This decision however excludes all the legal commercial places in Dhanmondi- 2, Dhanmondi- 27, Mirpur Road and Satmasjid Road.

The High Court has ordered the authorities of Maple Leaf International School to move all their branches from the Dhanmondi Residential Area by the end of 2015, within which time the School authorities are to be responsible for the traffic jam caused during the School hours, and are also to control the jam with their own man power.

According to the Petitioners’ council confirmed that all institutions including, schools, colleges, Universities, and even Hospitals set-up in the residential area must be shifted as per this decree. However the Decree does not require the removal of any of the institutions permanent assets.

The High Court bench came to this conclusion of the verdict after holding the hearing on rule issued earlier. On the 2nd February, the high Court issued the decision following the injunction petition jointly that was filed by MA Masud and MA Matin Chowdhury , President and the General Secretary of the Dhanmondi Residential Welfare Association respectively, for the required measures for the protection for the Residential characteristics of the area.

The illegal operation of hundreds of commercial institutions in the area ruining the residential character of the area was clearly stated in the petition and that either no steps were taken for their removal or the authorities failed to do their job if any were taken.

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