Flood Problem of Chittagong is for real!

Even though the streets of Chittagong being flooded after rainfall were never an issue before, it is in point of fact becoming a tremendous hassle for the citizen of the port city now. Flooded road was a problem for other metropolitan cities like Dhaka and Rajshahi. But in the last few years, Chittagong has been facing this problem even more than Dhaka. After a mild rainfall, the streets of Chittagong get flooded up to knee level. Illegal constructions, unplanned development of the city and medieval sewage system have been pinpointed as the primary reasons behind this problem.

Chittagong is more of an international city in Bangladesh than Dhaka in a sense that the Chittagong Port is hub connecting South Asia with South-East Asia. Unexpected flood like this seriously hampers the ever so important communication system of the port city. Chittagong City Corporation and the city developers must mark this is a big problem and take quick action to resolve this.

Just a decade ago Chittagong was declared as the most livable place in the world. Currently, unplanned growth of the city and severe pollution has dangerously harmed the environment of the city. If this goes on, then the reputation of Chittagong as an international city will be seriously damaged. This flood problem of the port city must be tackled very seriously and effectively to reserve this beautiful and economically important city of the country.


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