Hanging-up on Barack Obama

Would you ever consider hanging-up on President Barack Obama or a president elect of your own country? Well, I guess not. Some would, though. Recently, Republican congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen got a call from President-elect Barack Obama, didn't believe it was him, and hung up on him, twice.

President-elect Barack Obama called the congresswoman on Wednesday, 03 December; she assumed it was a crank call and hung-up. She thought it was one of the radio stations in South Florida playing a prank.

Moments later, Obama tried again, this time through his soon-to-be chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. "Ileana, I cannot believe you hung up on the President-Elect," Emanuel said. And guess what; she hung up on Emanuel saying she "didn't believe the call was legitimate."

A short time later, she received an urgent call from Rep. Howard Berman, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, who informed her that she indeed hung up on Obama. This time, she was convinced. Obama tried again and was successful. President elect however did not blame her for mistaking him for a radio-station prank. He laughed about it saying in Chicago they do it all the time. They talked about Israel and Cuba.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen congratulated Obama on winning the election and vowed to work together despite how hard she campaigned for his opponent, Sen. John McCain. Chances of this, happening in Bangladesh, is close to zero, I guess. Can we even imagine, Sheihk Hasina calling a BNP MP after winning the 29 December 2008 election to discuss Indian-Pakistan Issue? Will a BNP MP ever congratulate Sheihk Hasina on winning the election? Nope and nope. It will end up in…… oi bhondo, shubhecha desh amare! Koun motlob e %#13%#!


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