Why did the chickens ( read cricketers) cross the road and joined ICL?

Congratulations to the players who joined ICL. For their timely actions, first time in the history of the game, ‘Bangladesh’ managed to be in Cricinfo’s top headlines for three consecutive days. Cricinfo does not even cover Bangladesh’s matches in its headlines, unless they win against big teams. So three consecutive days is a big deal. Thanks guys, you made us proud.

The fuzz started three days back and for obvious reasons, it is emerging as the biggest shock in Bangladeshi cricket history. Several top Bangladeshi cricketers including valuable Aftab Ahmed and Shariar Nafiz have joined ICL, which is yet to be recognized by any of the cricket boards around the world. This means, these players will not participate in any matches under Bangladesh national team in future. Is this information too hard to digest? Should not be.

First thing first, no one plays cricket just for pleasure; money is important, just like in any other professions. And just like any other professions, switching is a good thing if more benefits are offered. These players opted to be professional cricketers, so they have the full rights to make decisions regarding their future. They felt, ICL is a better alternative for them so they took the chance, no big deal. No need to bring ‘DESH PREM’ here. Desh Prem should stay at heart, if not in the history books. In no way, Desh Prem should get merged with professionalism. Not in Bangladesh’s context at least.

In various forums, cricket fans are calling them ‘traitors’. Emotion, emotion, they are so touched! Well, almost every human being in this country can be leveled as ‘traitors’; considering the political and socio-economical background we have. Is not it obvious that, people who get good chance will see their own benefits, rather than hanging tough with the declining Bangladeshi Cricket?

Some members of the Cricketers' Welfare Association of Bangladesh (CWAB) termed these cricketers as 'rebels' and phrased their decisions as 'unprofessional and childish'. Well dudes, while you guys were making these ‘jealous-covered’ speeches in a non AC room, in front of some second grade journalists, those players were signing contracts worth millions of dollars and the inauguration ceremony was covered by various international channels – this is the reality, face it.

These six cricketers have some level of indignity-control it seems. Though it is obvious, they are quitting Bangladeshi cricket and joining ICL JUST for money; all of them came up with absurd excuses. The excuses were naive and most underrated ones. Coach’s negative comments, ignorance of the BCB, family reasons ----------oh, sick excuses. You guys should have come up with better ones. Shariar Nafiz is smartest in the lot – he stated education. Good luck man, do tell us after fifteen years, what bloody education you received in between these years. The players those had contracts with the BCB (I hear six of them had) should have shown the first degree of professionalism by discussing with the board before quitting or at least a week in advance. On the contrary, they confirmed the deal with ICL, booked the tickets, packed baggage, reached New Delhi and signed the contracts. The BCB surely deserves a bit more respect, no matter how cruel it was to the cricketers. Moreover, none of the cricketers had the courtesy to return the payment they already received for the month of October; come on guys, have the minimum level of decency. Though the BCB was unfair to you guys, it was the institution that has given you the exposure which you needed to finalize the deal with ICL, please do not forget this.

All said and done, this team represents Dhaka and re-present Bangladesh in ICL, whether we like it or not. Batting side looks solid, so one should expect good fights from them in the tournaments. If they do well, hat’s off. However, if they become the last team in the table, officials at the Zia international Airport must make them put their nose in the ground, when they enter Bangladesh and kick at the backs. They deserve this much.

I will be the watching the matches.


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