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BEXIMCO is featured as one of the top groups of the country

BEXIMCO was featured at the ‘Corporate Bangladesh’ site. The article on BEXIMCO said that – “BEXIMCO is just not a company anymore; it has become a symbol of creativity, honesty and standard. Everything associated with the group has to be described in a superlative manner. The group has the largest textile industry not just in Bangladesh but in the entire South Asia. It is also Bangladesh’s largest exporter in the pharmaceuticals sector. They are the largest ceramic exporters. GMG Airlines, a concern of BEXIMCO Group, is the largest private aviation airline in Bangladesh. The group also owns the Westin Hotel, one of the grandest hotels of Dhaka.
The article further illustrated the success of the group by mentioning “The company has reached the situation where it can expand their business furthermore to become a powerhouse of the business sector in the entire world. Each individual company is run by extremely skilled professionals. The managers are highly capable of monitoring the ope…