Why I think IUB is the best private university

Independent University, Bangladesh; popularly known as IUB is completing its 20 years. The achievements of the marvelous educational institute are many I am sure. For one, it had me as a student!

I was in IUB when private universities meant – classes should be held in flat-বাড়ী, the campus has to be in a residential area, smart girls have to be from English medium schools, all toilets have showers attached, common rooms are garages, canteens are backyards and assistant register has to be a famous BTV news presenter.

After few years of my passing, my friends told me that IUB is now at a bigger place; bigger classrooms are there, common rooms are cool and entrance is one of a kind. So I went to visit it in Bashundhara. From a distance, I could see it; I was fascinated. When I came close, I figured out that it was North South! So I kept walking. After walking a while, I was at a small gate. I told the guards that I am an ex-IUB student and I came to visit the new campus. They told me that it is North South.

Rather disappointed, I kept walking and took a right turn. After walking few meters, there I saw the gate. I approached the guards and found out that this gate is also of North South. I told myself – yea, why not?  North South has been beating IUB in most aspects – they made home videos long before we did, they used their library as sex booth while we were still watching the movies they made. Last year, one NSU guy got arrested by the posh smart looking FBI people, while IUBians still die in hands of খ্যাত DB police. NSU guys even killed that blogger Rajib while IUBians are stupid enough to support the Shahbagh movement because we feel – country first! So yes, North South has beaten IUB with their campus as well, no surprise there.  

To me, IUB and Bazlul Mobin Chowdhury are simultaneous. I remember him because he could understand my true potential the first time my father took me to his office in August 1997. After talking to me for three minutes, he got me registered and even gave me the four courses for the first semester. I say that he could realize my merit and understand my true potential because two of these courses were non credit – Math and English. He figured I am weak in both.

He was proven right because in the second semester, I flunked in Fin 201 and French 101, getting F in both courses. My father was so shocked that he had decided to get me out of this university and enroll me in Titumir College which was closer to my home. Osama bhai came into my rescue. Not Osama bin Laden though. It was Osama S M Khan, one of the brightest students IUB ever had. He is now the Associate Dean at Southampton Solent University.

He convinced my father with his ever so politeness that I should be given another chance. The benchmark for a person of my caliber was- not to fail in any other courses. I promised I won’t. I kept my words as I did not fail in any other courses and finished my bachelors with a commanding CGPA of 2.78. Okay well, not so commanding I guess.

I failed in French because Aly was in my class. He did what he used to do; those know him should know better. I got carried away with him and failed though my home dialect Sylheti is pretty close to French.

Finance 201 back than was a nightmare; complete nightmare. Not only me, nine others also failed. Seven got D. The benchmark set by the instructor was way too high. I felt pity for the students of the business school when I went to the campus last year and found that instructor was the dean; yes it was the great Nadim Jahangir sir. I went on and did couple of courses with him and found that he is undeniably one of the best business course instructors in the country; নাকটা একটু উঁচা এই আর কি!

Hossain Mohammad sir, who was in wrong profession (he was meant to beat the shit out of model Nobel) took marketing in those days. He told me to do majors in marketing. But after doing finance with Nadim Jahangir sir, I was in love with finance. I did my major in finance but attended all marketing classes that were offered in last few semesters. I never bought any finance books; lectures and class notes were enough for me. No wonder my CGPA is as low as it is. I bought and read marketing books instead. So I guess the endless debates I used to have with Hossain Mohammad sir paid off.

Unlike any other private university of that time; IUB had NCH, IUB had Taj Hashmi sir! This iron man taught me history, he taught me to think, he taught me to judge, he taught me to be a better person. He taught me to kick ass of religious bigots.

I met the controversial businessmen Salman F Rahman last year at a restaurant. I gained courage and went to him. I asked “ Sir, I have a little investment in stocks and all are in red. Which stocks should I buy tomorrow?” He said “I am not Salman F Rahman, I am Majeed Khan you bagger.” Majeed Khan sir, the founder Vice Chancellor, looks so similar to a darbesh now. I spoke to him for few moments. This man is something. He is motivational, forward looking and still passionate about the youth of Bangladesh.

Education is provided in many private universities. But do others have Cryptic Fate, Artcell and Nemesis?  As long as they don’t; there is no comparison with IUB. Period.

IUB, I am sure has created solid platforms for many leaders. It is a flying pad. I hope it remains the same and create more social and business leaders in the years to come. I just hope IUB never enrolls losers like Rhidoy Khan and Arifin Romi. Rest is well; rest in fine.

Long live IUB!


Anonymous said…
It doesn't matter what you think mothe'fuckeeeee

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