Did Bangladesh take full advantage of globalization?

Did we take full advantage of globalization? May be not; but whatever we took, is not bad at all. Finance ministers of Bangladesh have not been dumb as rest of the cabinet in their respected period. So Bangladesh was able to flow with the tide of globalization.

Here is a comprehensive coverage on  globalization and its effect on Bangladesh on Corporate Bangladesh site. The writer described the term as this - "With high tech communication and rapid transportation system, the term globalization has reached billions of people and made them share anything in just minutes. The phenomenon has crossed its own barrier and spread in terms of relationship of nations, domain, trade and corporations. "

The writer covered a lot actually. According to him / her, Bangladesh was able to take full advantage of it and made quite a development in communication, sports and other areas. He / she said "the economy has been affected from various perspectives. The technology that brings remittance also has a huge contribution to the development of the economy. The removal of a border in the market increases the GDP of the country. Improvement of technology and communication has helped garment industry to export more efficiently and thus also contributing to the increasing GDP. Due to a lot of other factors such as variety of exports, investments and employment there has been a significant success in the EPZs and elsewhere in the country."

Interestingly, the writer mentioned that it is due to globalization that Bangladesh made it a mark in Human Development Index. More to be achieved I believe and we are on the right path. 

Long live Bangladesh!


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