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A story of a man who wanted to buy all the monkeys

Anek din agey, a man told gram-bashi of a small village, “I will buy monkeys for 100 taka each.”

The villagers, seeing that there were many monkeys around, went out to the forest and started catching them. Since there were many monkeys in the nearby jongol, the villagers caught them and sold them to the man. Kichu din por, as the supply of monkeys diminished, the villagers’ efforts slowed, so the man offered them 200 taka each. Notun uddam neye gram bashi abar khoja shuru korlo. Kichi pelo, dhorlo and bikri korlo to the man. After some times, again the supply of monkeys diminished. This time the man increased his price to 250 taka.

Jangol ujar hoilo; shob monkey dhora porlo. Soon no one could even see a monkey; let alone catch it. Now, the man increased his price to 500 taka, but announced, “Since I must go to Dhaka shohor on business purpose, I authorize my assistant to buy monkeys on my behalf.”

As soon as the man was gone, the assistant told some of the villagers, “My boss has already…