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Golden kids of ruling party in action: Since the ruling Bangladesh Awami League took power following the general election of December 29, 2008, ‘cubs’ of its students and youth wings, who were earlier termed by the party chief and present Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina as ‘Golden Kids’ are seen in continuous notoriety thus already turning all the educational institutions in the country into extreme volatility. According to newspaper reports, in past 86 days, 4 students were killed only by the ‘cubs’ of the student wing of Bangladesh Awami League while couple of dozens were made physically disable due to severe torture.

The latest episode of the ‘jubilation of victory’ by the ‘golden kids’ of the ruling government were witnessed at Dhaka Medical College on the last day of March. According to reports, Dhaka Medical College was on closed for an indefinite period over factional clashes of Bangladesh Chhatra League, the ruling Awami League’s associate body of students, in which one was killed and 25 were injured.

Judging by the escalatory factious fighting within the BCL, which apart from putting the government's credibility and image on the line, primarily goes to raise governance issue beyond the pale of a purely academic concern.

March 27: Police recovered 12 sharp weapons including machetes, swords and knives from Mohsin Hall at Dhaka University. Law enforcers raided the hall following a clash between two factions of Bangladesh Chhatra League, student wing of Awami League, over gaining control of Mohsin Hall.

March 31: A student of Dhaka Medical College died and 30 others were wounded after fierce clashes on the campus between two groups of Bangladesh Chhatra League, student wing of ruling party Awami League.

April 2: A joint team of Rapid Action Battalion and police today arrested Dr Kamrul Hasan on charge of having link to the murder of Abul Kalam Asad Rajib at Dhaka Medical College. The arrested Kamrul is a leader of Awami League-backed Shadinota Chikitshok Forum.

April 2: Ineffective leadership puts BCL in trouble.

April 4: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has ordered a crackdown on her party Awami League's (AL) student wing that is accused of increasingly indulging in criminal activities since she took office in January.

April 6: The central executive committee of Bangladesh Chhatra League failed to hold a single general meeting in its three years' existence.

April 6: A group of leaders and activists of Bangladesh Chhatra League allegedly beat up some listed contractors of Dhaka University yesterday over tender for two development works worth Tk 10 lakh on the campus.

April 9: At least 20 students injured at a factional clash among the Bangladesh Chhtara League activists on the Jagannath University (JNU) campus.

April 13: Rapid Action Battalion arrested two top central leaders of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) on charge of disrupting academic atmosphere of Dhaka University.

April 13: Government officers and employees at Kumarkhali upazila headquarters yesterday abstained from work protesting assault on upazila nirbahi officer (UNO) allegedly by some activists of the Ruling Awami League and its front organisations.

April 15: Student bodies protest on tuition fee hike.

April 16: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has warned Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) men of stern actions for creating unrest in educational institutions.

April 17: One medical college in Barisal district was closed indefinitely following clashes between two factions of Bangladesh Chhatra League, student wing of ruling Awamil League; over establishing supremacy.


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